Free Japanese Symbol Kanji Translation

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Free Japanese Symbol Kanji Translation

Send me your name or your favorite word.
If I like it, I will translate it to Japanese and put the picture on this page.
To avoid wrong translation, please write meaning of the word.
You can get free Japanese Symbol tattoo design.
Some of kanji characters are also available as Free Japanese Design.

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see below type of Japanese Character
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Type of Character

You do not have to care about it, if you would like to translate a word.
If you would like to translate your name, please check the type of Japanese character.


Kanji is a logogram. Kanji is not used to represent foreign names basically. I can translate your name to Kanji, but it is a little bit strange for Japanese, but it is cool, isn't it?



Katakana is a syllabic character. Katakana is used to represent foreign names. Katakana is natural to express your name for Japanese.



Hiragana is also a syllabic character. Hiragana is used to represent native Japanese words. I like this one.

If you would like to translate English to Japanese, send me e-mail.
I will translate, if I have time.

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